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Hi, I'm the ultimate Namine Ritsu devotee, and I've got self-made merch of Ritsu, I also make covers with Ritsu, and the awkward charm to prove I'm the number 1 fan. When I'm not binge-watching anime, you can bet I'm deep into a video game quest, probably trying to impress a virtual princess.

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Birthday: July 30

Debut Stream: August 27, 2018

Height: 156cm

Illustrator: @PatataTan

Fan Name: N/A

Hashtags: N/A

In a bustling metropolis on Planet Halpha, there was a young dude named Ayaldev, who was grinding away as a corporate warrior to put food on the table for his folks. Amidst the crazy hours and the pressure of being the "bread-bringer," Ayaldev's secret sauce for sanity was a quirky combo of two passions: anime and video games.

Back in his high school days, Ayaldev and his barkada (that's his gang of super close buddies) would dive headfirst into marathon gaming sessions and binge-watching the hippest anime series of the time. But as time rolled on, one by one, his pals got bitten by the love bug and drifted off into the next exciting chapter of their lives. Poor Ayaldev felt like a leftover snack in a party platter, the last chip at the bottom of the bag, the sole member of his crew still riding solo.

Not one to rain on his friends' romantic parades, Ayaldev decided it was high time to shake things up. He stumbled upon the fantastical realm of virtual YouTubers (VTubers), and it was like a lightbulb moment! He saw it as a golden ticket to make new buddies in the digital universe.

Little did Ayaldev know that he embarked on this quest for camaraderie, but what he found was even more priceless: a brand new identity and a sense of purpose that hit him like a stray banana peel on the gaming track.